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Irish-born, Reading-based, singer/songwriter Megan Collins wears her heart on her sleeve with this self-produced 4-track EP, with influences from Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Mumford and Sons and Maggie Rogers.  

As the second part of a 4-part EP series, the EP titled Ares” represents the Greek god of war and courage. An ode to coming through and healing from a broken heart. It mixes the emotions perfectly with feelings of relief, sadness and empowerment with a hint of reflective fondness. Weaving through the motions, Megan captures these feelings perfectly with delicate vocals and powerful lyrics throughout. 

To begin the saga, the previous EP Poseidon” (April 2022) was aptly named after the Greek god of the sea and water and represented the turmoil of heartbreak. Continuing on the narrative, the songstress experiments with a fresh sound in Ares” mixing country, pop and folk - taking influences from albums such as folklore” (Taylor Swift - 2020) and sour” (Olivia Rodrigo - 2021) whilst also revisiting her previous work like You Take Me Home” (2020), Megan keeps this collection of EPs cohesive to music and emotion. She expands her songwriting and fits nicely into the libraries of fans of Swift or Rodrigo. However, theres still that sense of familiarity with Megans music to keep her fans drawn into what they know and love.  

Now that shes gearing up to release the sophomore EP of the series, following three singles from the EP, Megan reflects on her thoughts on the concept of this Ares”:  

After being so devastated in the PoseidonEP, its time we took a deep breath and learn to live life as an Iand meinstead of an usand we. As difficult as that can be, after feeling like youd finally met the oneand making them a huge part of your life, you know you can do it. You just have to start. This EP explores my inner thoughts (as well as my outer thoughts!) and that process on how I came to terms with the heartbreak, picked myself up again and showed myself the love I know I deserve.” 

The empowering EP Ares” by Megan Collins is out 24th of February 2023. 

Megan Collins