Helping Local

Here at The Local Food Festival, we like to help out Locally as much as possible, and that is the driving factor behind charities and organisations we support and work with. So people who come and enjoy our festivals can contribute to things around them.


The Charity we are supporting over the coming years is CDG UK.

CDG UK supports children and families affected by Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation, by educating people about this group of rare diseases, providing grants for specialist equipment and funding research. 

Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation is an umbrella term for over 170 different types of genetic disorder in the glycosylation pathway. CDGs are extremely rare but can have devastating effects on the body. As glycosylation takes place in all organs including the brain, CDGs can cause a lot of problems with important functions such as mobility, feeding, growth and cognitive development. 20% of children born with CDG do not live beyond their first birthday. As a charity, we aim to connect our families to the best information as well as to each other for support.

Every year we host a ‘Meet the Experts’ event, where families can ask questions to clinicians and researchers in the small world of CDG. We also give grants to families in need of items such as equipment or special toys. We also aim to raise awareness about CDG so that in the future more researchers may work on treatments or even cures.

SURPLUS to Supper

Surplus to Super 

Surplus to Supper are bridging the gap between food waste and food poverty locally. Surplus to Supper is a non-profit Charity - Charity No: 1189230. They are becoming part of the Surrey and the surrounding areas’ network of charitable food distributors. They take good quality surplus food from right across the food industry and get it to Frontline Charities and Community Groups. Food becomes surplus for a myriad of reasons from packaging errors, to short date coding or cosmetic imperfections and they follow stringent policies and procedures for storage and transportation to meet all food safety legislation. They are doers and change lives.