The Surrey Food Festival 27th - 28th July 2024 Old Deer Park, Richmond

Down to your final pound? The obvious thing to do is to start making and selling delicious doughnuts. Well, that’s what we did back in 2015 anyway.

Wade Smith and Megan Scaddan kicked things off in their mum’s kitchen with a tenner and a wok. Before they knew it, they had themselves a micro-bakery and their own coffee and doughnut shop in Nottingham.

We’re not talking your usual doughnuts either, oh no. These doughnuts are handmade, coming rough and ready with all manner of mouth-watering toppings. We’ve even got vegan doughnuts, because we’ve got your backs, you vegan champs.

Since starting we have opened multiple store, stock wholesale, attend events, have a bakery in Nottingham and sell over 10,000 doughnuts a week."