The Surrey Chilli Festival 11th - 12th September 2021 Walton on Thames Cricket Club

Saturday line-up

On Stage Act Type
11:00 Sandy McLelland      Trio
11:35 Resolution Dance Dance Troupe
12:00 Damon Coles Solo
12:35 Resolution Dance Dance Troupe     
13:00 Left Hand Path Duo
14:00 The Screen Gems Trio
15:00 The Clique Duo
16:00 Stomping Nomads Band
17:00 Axel Jansson Band
18:00 Meg & The Freeloaders                Band

Sunday Line-up

On Stage Act Type
11:00  Isobel Thatcher                          Solo
11:40 Kidz Got Talent Dance Troupe
12:00 Soph & Cam Duo
12:40 Kidz Got Talent Dance Troupe     
13:00 Doctor Slideshow Duo
14:00 Julia & The Numbs Trio
15:00 ELTEL Trio
16:00 Betty & The Rabbits Band
17:00 Tuesday Blue Band
18:00 The Gemma Dorsett Band Band

Our Stage

Our stage really is the heart of our entertainment. We like to support local bands and artists at our events, so you have probably heard of many of our performers. See them in a new light at The Surrey Chilli Festival. The open air together with our professional sound engineers make these performances memorable. we have a mix of young performers starting out on their musical journeys alongside seasoned professional performers. Hour after hour of musical enjoyment to while away a sunny afternoon, awaiting a little space to appear for 'just one more snack'! Tip back your chair and enjoy the wait at The Surrey Chilli Festival.