The Surrey Chilli Festival 12th - 13th September 2020

The Surrey Chilli Festival In Brief

Prepare to feel a little hot under the collar at our new Chilli Festival. A departure from the mundane, this new festival is packed with chilli! IT'S ALL ABOUT HOT. Don't worry if hot's not your thing, we have a huge selection of 'non chilified' eats as well. We haven't forgotten entertainment either. With a new festival comes new stage action with performances by Chilli Comedy Club (Adults Only!) keeping the temperature high. Just to keep things rocking along we have live music pumping on the stage all day. as usual, our Kids Zone is making its normal appearance for our younger foodies and waiting to fill their day.

For more information read our The Surrey Chilli Festival Show Info or check our the confirmed exhibitors and acts below:

Fabulous food with a secret

A food festival with a twist. Not only is succulent food available in every direction it is also laced with the added attraction of a touch of chilli. Chilli has been rumoured to have many positive effects, from mimicking the aphrodisiac nature of oysters to curing the common cold. Why not come down and do a little personal research! Naturally all the other normal attractions will be here, live music, and a stonking big kids zone. A special appearance by the chilli comedy club completes the line up. Bring the whole family and stay for the day.