Valtona Mead is brewed on the banks of the mighty Thames, where the ancient Saxon Kings and Viking Jarls of yore would slake their thirst on the Nectar of the Gods, on Ambrosia, on Mead!  This river crossing at Waletona (Now Walton-on-Thames) has served as a meeting  and Mead drinking point for 1000 years, now, we have returned this tradition to Waletona with our Mead from a bygone age, though this is not your Grandfather's Mead.   Valtona Session Mead is brewed with nothing but honey, water and a bit of lightning.  Crafted on the back of 2500 years of brewing heritage, this Mead is unfiltered for maximum flavour and served with no additives.  A pure, crisp and clean beverage, a glass of honeyed joy to make our ancestors proud.

Valtona Meadery