Craft Gin

Twickenham is known the world over as the home of English rugby. As we are based in Twickenham we set about researching gin recipes from the Victorian times when “football” and its many variants were being played and enjoyed all over the country. During the same period, the Coffey Still was invented which allowed gin producers to become consistent with their recipe production for the first time. Our recipe hails from 1845, no coincidence this was the year that the laws of Rugby Union were written down.

All of us at Twickenham Gin love to get out and about it’s the rugby ethos instilled in us. We are a family company and have all played rugby at some time. Rather than stay indoors dreaming up new marketing schemes we prefer to take our gin out and about and create perfect serves of the various gin & tonic popular styles.

To enable this, we commissioned a unique hand-built horsebox gin bar which we use to take to various festivals both local and far and around the country. This gives us the opportunity to meet our customers at live events and do what we like doing best, serve our gin. We are always ready to talk at length about gin, gin and more gin.

Gin can be made using any combination of thousands of different botanicals, however, we believe that unless you can taste every individual herb, flower or spice it becomes a bit pointless, certainly once you have introduced tonic into the glass. Our gin is made strictly to a London Dry style and as such does not need to be enhanced using ingredients that do not add to the flavour profile in a meaningful way. At the end of the day most people we speak to want to enjoy a gin and tonic rather than drinking neat gin.

Our perfect serves start with our London dry Twickenham Gin and then we add different citrus and botanicals to complement the gin and enhance the tonic profiles. We always offer at least 4 distinctly different styles, Classic G&T, Floral, Spicy and of course Pink. Whatever you prefer, you choose or better still try them all. They are very different.

Twickenham Gin