Authentic Greek Food Idealogy

Our van and gazebo setups are ideal for delivering all our authentic and simple Greek street-food, combining a variety of freshly-made delicacies, dressed with hand-picked Greek herbs & spices, drizzled with our own virgin olive oil and topped with 100% fresh ingredients, such as feta cheese and pure honey, provided by bespoke producers in Greece with EU certificates, brought in UK by us.
We are one of the very few Greek food traders in the London area with vertical Gyro rotisseries on board. We put a strong emphasis on keeping our flavours authentic, hence we are highly when selecting only the best products.
Keeping with the contemporary trend of ‘Healthy Eating’, our home-made vegetarian options of Aubergine, Courgette and Tomato fritters, combined with our home-made traditional but unique spreads, are made with fresh British produce and stand out everywhere we go.
Our end-product is handled with outmost care from its preparation down to its presentation and packaging. All our products have 99% trace-ability and our packaging is 100% recyclable/compostable. This is part of our ethically trading standards and this is our competitive edge and commitment to our customers: Greek Authenticity, consistent Quality and genuine Ethos as we deal with food preparation and customer service.

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