Think Food..Think RTG!

RTG sprouted from a small takeaway service from the home of a young Chef from Jamaica passionate about food and authentic flavours. The takeaway service became quite the success with people returning every week for their pre ordered takeaway. The RTG Kitchen soon began its ‘Road to Glory’, RTG.
 RTG also cater for a wide range of occasions including both private and public events.
Straight from our highly equipped kitchen, we bring a unique twist to Caribbean cuisine, think Jerk Chicken Burgers, smoked in an authentic Jerk Pan, Guinness Punch & Oreo Milkshakes, Jerk Prawn Cocktails and Ackee Stuffed Roasted Aubergine with Sweet Potato Wedges.
We are very passionate about what we do and want to give everyone a taste of the Caribbean that we know will blow your mind and leave your taste buds wanting more...
Think food… Think RTG!

The rtg kitchen