- Ube (ooo-bay), a purple sweet potato from the Philipeans, churned into an ice cream and wrapped
in a vanilla dough
- Vanilla clotted cream ice cream, wrapped in a vanilla dough
- Leafy matcha green tea from Japan infused in rich dairy ice cream and wrapped in vanilla dough
- Heavenly chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and a smooth rich chocolate ripple, wrapped in
a vanilla dough
Coatings (options for your fried ice cream to get coated in)
- Oreos
- Shortbread crumble
- Breadcrumbs
- Hot chocolate fudge sauce
- Salted caramel sauce
- White chocolate sauce
Our ethos:
Zero Waste policy: We operate a Zero-waste policy, to help reduce the amount of waste that ends
up in landfills and contributes to the destruction of our planet.
Recyclable goods: Napkins, Oil, Spoons
Animals/Sustainability: Working with local businesses proven to follow ethical and sustainable
practices to create our bespoke ice creams.
Environment: use of Biodegradable/compostable cups, non-toxic, food-friendly ink
Carbon-Zero: We have signed up to the pledge to become Net-Zero by 2030. As we are a very small
business and do not offset a lot of carbon emissions. We feel, the bigger we grow, the more cautious
we will need to be. Hence, a good way for us to always be careful about our planet is to install this
practice as early as possible. Why wait when we can make changes now.
- Activism: We promise once we hit a certain target, we will start to support vulnerable British
children, as we will have the resources by then to make a difference in children’s lives

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