We are Steeling Scarlett, an acoustic duo and full band based in Surrey. The main core of the band/duo are Scarlett Black and Dave Matthews.

We love performing and have played all over the area, including by the coast. We have also played at private parties and festivals, and always welcome any chance to play. Our real passion is getting our own music out there. We are part of a full band and our original music has been played on local radio (radio Jackie, radio 365). We also run an open mic night in New Malden. We bonded over our love for Motown and wanted to cover music that we both love. 

Scarlett, the front lady of the band, is influenced by artists like Billie Holiday and Billie Eilish. She offered her own unique Smokey soulful voice. Dave, on the other hand, plays in a few different bands and is a talented musician and producer. Dave has recently released music with Nick Edwards (of Britain's Got Talent fame), so keep an eye out for that.

As a duo, we have an equal partnership where we play both old and new songs in our own unique way. We also perform our own original songs, which have received great acclaim. Our chemistry as a duo is  electric, and on our own, we offer something truly special. We are looking forward to playing and sharing our music with you.

Steeling Scarlett Four piece