Ever since I can remember, my happy place has been the kitchen. The love for transforming simple ingredients into something extraordinary runs deep in my family. My mother has always found joy in sharing food with everyone. Anyone that walked through the front door of our home was very well looked after, and if you were lucky, you also left with tupperware! I'm pretty sure I inherited this love for sharing food from her, but it's more than that, it's the emotions and connections that come with it. There's something magical about turning simple ingredients into delightful creations that bring joy and warmth to others. Baking, for me, is all about creating moments of togetherness and spreading smiles.

While I've dedicated years building a career in a completely different field, my heart has always been in the kitchen. Cooking and baking have been my sanctuary, a passion I've nurtured alongside my profession. Towards the end of last year, I finally launched my business Snug Cookies - a celebration of my love for homemade, freshly baked cookies. I am all about using quality, locally sourced ingredients, to ensure each bite is a taste of home. Cookies are handmade in Farnham Surrey, and I pour my passion into baking cookies that are not just treats but pure comfort! Picture this: big, soft-centred, gooey cookies that wrap you in a warm, Snug embrace

Snug Cookies