You’d think the Johnny Cash and Elvis songs are being sung by the masters themselves as Smokey Joe and his acoustic guitar powers out anything from soulful ballads to Folsom Prison Blues, rockabilly to country.

The Bandits may not look authentic but they sure sound exciting. Keith, on double bass, has played around Europe on the rock and roll circuit. A slap bass to die for! Yuki, on drums, has played a lot as house drummer in clubs. She glues the sound together while Ben, on lead guitar takes flight playing exciting guitar solos. Like the original artists their sound is energetic and driving . Our latest addition is Adam our keyboard player who's input is amazing and his rock n roll style sure gets everyone dancing. He sure knows how to play them keys

Dedicated to playing great live music, keeping true to the spirit and sounds of rock and roll and it’s great masters!

Smokey Joe & The Bandits