Inspired by my upbringing in South Africa & cultured in England after emigrating in 1999, I came up with the idea of building on the classic British snack of curry & chips by adding South African flavours & ingredients to it!

I became a Chef 10 years ago after wanting to put my passion into a profession! Working in hotels, restaurants along the way I always had a desire to do my own thing which I find so much more rewarding, thus started Potjie man.

Serving up delicious fragrant Cape Malay curry sauce which I serve in my Potjie pots which are traditional Cast iron pots brought over from the Netherlands to South Africa In the 17th century.
My base is crispy chips & also do an alternative option of Geelrys ( yellow rice)
On top of that, I have a selection of delicious toppings to cater for all. Melt in your mouth pulled,12 hours slow-roasted lamb shoulder. 24 hour tender marinated chicken strips. Griddled seasoned aubergine & Halloumi and a tasty vegan option with aubergine & cashew sour cream! Optional
added extra sauces and garnishes as well to bring all those flavours together!
All my products too are naturally gluten-free & sustainably sourced.

Potjie Man