Demo Theatre Host

As a toddler, Nicky found her love of music and dancing spinning around the living room to ‘Top of The Pops’. After a lot of nagging Nicky’s parents sent her to full-time stage school from age 11. A successful career as a dancer and actress followed and, when on tour, Nicky would enjoy going into local radio stations to promote the show she was in. Nicky felt very at home in a studio environment and all of Nicky’s school teachers would doubtless agree that broadcasting is a natural fit for Nicky who was constantly told off at school for talking too much! The transition to broadcasting came by way of the obligatory stint on hospital radio. Nicky was banned from ward visits as her innate clumsiness was not conducive to patient care and well-being! (the guitar playing nun in the film ‘Airplane’ springs to mind).

You can hear Nicky on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey and on Radio Jackie where Nicky has co-hosted with Neil Long the ‘Neil & Nicky Breakfast Show‘ since 2004 and still enjoys waking up South West London and North Surrey every weekday morning.

Nicky Patrick