In his own words, Matthew Prichard cooks Proper Banging Vegan Food - for everyone!

Former pro-skater and MTV Dirty Sanchez daredevil Matthew Pritchard now is an ultra-athlete and a passionate vegan cook. He loves nothing more than proper, tasty, delicious plant-based food, so much so that in 2019 he became the presenter of the BBC’s first vegan cookery show, Dirty Vegan. Not only that, but it also saw the publication of his first cookery book of the same title to accompany the series.
And now with the second series comes the follow-up Dirty Vegan Another Bite, from which Matthew will be demoing a dish.
Latest Book (amazon): Dirty Vegan: Another Bite
First Book (amazon): Dirty Vegan
See Kuba in the Demo Tent at The Surrey Food Festival on Saturday 25th April
Matthew Pritchard