Manju Malhi has published several books on Indian cookery, including Brit SpiceIndia with PassionClassic Indian Recipes and Everyday Healthy Indian Cookery.

Manju appears regularly on TV for Sony TV, Sky, BBC and ITV and will be joining us at The Surrey Food Festival on Sunday the 26th of April to demonstrate some of her cooking from her forthcoming book, Easy Indian Cook Book (published 10th March 2020)

Easy Indian Cook Book

Tandoori Chicken Bites, Vegetable Koftas, Samosas, Chapatis and Mango Chutney – if these are all dishes that you’d love to be able to cook and eat at home, the Easy Indian Cookbook is for you. Aimed at cooks new to the ingredients and techniques used in Indian cookery, this book takes you, step by step, through the processes involved in creating delicious, aromatic Indian dishes. Each recipe is divided into clear stages and techniques to enable you to master this colourful and exotic cuisine – and realize that making the perfect biryani is as simple as stirring the ingredients together in a pan.

Manju Malhi