Our food range includes, samosas (veg and meat), pakoras, chicken tikka, chicken & lamb karahi curries, vegetable curries (various), tadka dal, Bombay potatoes, naans and saffron rice. To make choosing our food easier we offer snack boxes where you get to try a selection of snacks, small meals comprising a curry and rice or naan and our speciality Raja (King) meals for one comprising, Karahi curry, saffron rice, poori naan, samosa, pakora, lime pickle and mango chutney. All our food is cooked fresh using the best ingredients, home grown organic vegetables, ethically sourced meat, and own ground spices. We also care about our planet, so you’ll find no plastic packaging. We cater for Vegetarian, Vegan, Meat & Gluten free diets. We promise you a taste sensation, once tasted, never forgotten.

Little Panjab Food Company