With a powerful and captivating voice, Kimberley effortlessly channels the essence of Adele’s mezzo-soprano vocals. Her heartfelt and sentimental song interpretations take audiences on an emotional journey, just like the original artist herself.

Drawing inspiration from Adele’s incredible career, Kimberley has dedicated herself to honing her craft and delivering unforgettable performances. With her remarkable vocal range and attention to detail, she leaves no stone unturned in capturing the essence of Adele’s music.

As she takes the stage, Kimberley’s presence and undeniable talent command the attention of the audience. Her performances are filled with genuine emotion, allowing listeners to experience the same captivating energy that Adele brings to her live shows.

With a long list of accolades and a growing fan base, Kimberley Grae is poised to continue captivating audiences with her extraordinary tribute act. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering or a large-scale event, she is committed to delivering an authentic Adele experience that will leave audiences in awe.


Step into the world of Adele through Kimberley Grae’s tribute act and let her transport you with her mesmerising vocals and heartfelt performances. Get ready to be swept away by the magic of Adele’s music, brought to life by the incredible talent of Kimberley Grae.

Kimberley Grae - Adele Tribute