We deliver South-American gastronomic experiences to discerning and curious foodies in the UK through specialty, artisan sweet treats, and food.

Our specialty South-American naturally gluten-free sandwich Alfajores (al-fa-hor-es) offer an authentic and new alternative for biscuits lovers.

With so many me-too options, our Alfajores are here to revolutionise the somehow tired UK biscuits category.

These melt-in-your-mouth, delicate biscuits are made with the finest ingredients, free from nasty preservatives and following my grandma’s recipe of over 50 years…with a twist!

Perfectly matched with a creamy latte, hot chocolate or herbal tea, these light and shortbread-like biscuits, melt in your mouth for an exquisitely light yet indulgent treat.

From cakes with exotic fillings to melt-in-the-mouth, light biscuits sandwiched with indulgent flavours, every produce aims to bring people together and build memories through the shared experience of delicious food.

Just Because Treats