Hey Spud! have a huge range of flavour on the menu, with dishes such as The Gringo inspired by the spices of Mexico, The Guru inspired by the familiar taste of Indian cuisine and much more. We also have simpler options on offer for those looking for a simple yet delicious fix of fries!

Due to our co-owner being coeliac, we understand how important it is to have reliable traders who are passionate about understanding allergens and that's why we created our diverse menu to be entirely gluten and nut free to cater for as many dietary requirements as possible whilst not compromising on taste. We also offer vegetarian, vegan alternative and halal options too!

Here at Hey Spud! we care about the planet from which our potatoes grow, that's why we only ever use fully compostable packaging and make everything to order so there's minimal waste! Our used oil is also converted into bio-diesel.

Hey Spud!