Born and raised in a little beach side town of New Zealand, I was raised with a lot of family around. My Mum came from a family of 6 and we all lived closed by. My Mum, my Nana and both my Aunties (one who was a chef and worked along side a famous New Zealand Chef before opening up her own restaurant in Auckland) were amazing cooks and bakers, making everything from scratch, I had a lot of greatly talented women in my life to look up to.

I did the City n Guilds cookery course when I was 20 before finding my passion and love for baking. I started off in my Mum’s kitchen baking birthday cakes for friends and family as well as working in cafes, doing all their baking for their cabinet daily. Once I turned 21 a friend of mine talked me into venturing out of our small home town and moving to London (which to this day was the best decision of my life and I will always have her to thank). Once I got to London I struggled to find a baking job which I loved (also with sociable hours as I was young and had just moved over), so I ended up putting my baking career on hold and went back into basic hospitality work as a General Manager. My first gig was opening up the Greenwich Peyton and Byrne store for Oliver Peyton, which was an amazing experience and I learnt a lot. But eventually I meet my Husband (who unfortunately is a South African so rugby games are tense in our house hold) who also owns his own business and he helped me start my own.

March 2018 George Bakes started!

George Bakes