Seasonal Fresh Flowers

I’m Freddie Garland (real name) and I totally adore flowers. They are nature’s mood enhancer. I was raised by florists (my Dad had a shop in Pimlico) so I’ve grown up surrounded by flowers. In loads of countries it’s normal to always have fresh flowers in the kitchen, not because they were a gift, but because it’s just smashing having a mood boosting blast of natural beauty in your home. So I started Freddie’s Flowers three years ago on a bit of a mission to change the way people see flowers in this country. We deliver a different arrangement of stunningly fresh flowers each week. You have the pleasure of arranging your flowers, which is a lovely, creative and mindful activity. We provide easy to follow arrangement advice and flower care tips. We deliver all over the UK, visiting different areas on different days. You don’t need to be in when we deliver. Our flowers are gloriously fresh, stunningly natural (with a bit of a wild side) and they’re only £25 a pop!



Freddie's Flowers