My Name is Ellie, The owner of Fig’s Bakery, Which is based in Guildford. Here’s how it all started: I Secured my dream job of being a pastry chef in a 5 star hotel in Surrey where I worked for 2 years, whilst being on furlough I couldn’t find anything to fill the time better than making a daily batch of brownies. Within 2 weeks the business idea of Fig’s Bakery came about, Which is also named after my cat Fig. After two months of trading I realised that I wasn’t the only one obsessed with cookie pies so I left my job to do it full time and I never looked back. Here at Fig’s Bakery we create delicious and indulgent bakes to fix the daily need of chocolate that I know everyone has, from Triple stacked brownies to cookie pies to edible cookie dough pots, We have it all! 

Fig’s Bakery