Small Batch Distillers

We make everything ourselves, from scratch, in very small batches, using fresh & local ingredients where possible: vodka, gin, rum, brandy, sambuca, single malt, and a range of fresh fruit liqueurs. One of our latest releases is our first Cornish product, St Piran's Rum.

Founded by Dr John Walters in 2011, we are the UK's original small batch distillers. We have more experience in our craft than any other distillery in the land, which we use to distil a wide variety of world class award winning spirits and liqueurs. Our aim is simply to make spirits that taste really nice.As true master distillers, we take pride in making everything ourselves, from scratch, in small copper pot stills; with no spirits bought in. We distil our own vodka, rum, and brandy; and the only one to distil sambuca or cucumber spirit. In fact, every one of our products can boast flavours and smoothness not available anywhere else; but we usually let the taste do the talking. From seasonal produce to natural beauty and heritage, we aim to celebrate the best that England has to offer.

English Spirit