Dicko's diner is a family run Food service which opened in the summer of 2021 we specialise in the famous American Smashburger.
the smash burger is all about the meat you use and our secret seasoning. The meat is made up of steak mince (chuck) witch has been grounded 3 times to get rid of most of the fat and makes a beautiful 98% lean steak. We then form into 3 oz balls. We then smash the balls with a specialist tool into a thin patty. As soon as this thin patty hits the grill it creates extra browning and flavour, while maintaining the patties juiciness in the inside.
We do six delicious different types of smash burgers from your standard double cheeseburger, the juicy Oklahoma burger with caramelised onions, the Dicko's diners  famous OMG burger which is a double patty with cheese and smoked barbecue brisket that's been smoked for over 12 hours to name a few. Your have to come and visit our pitch to see what others we have on offer on the day. 

We also cater for vegetarians with a delicious halloumi mushroom and salad burger so no one is left out!.

All our burgers come on a finest brioche bun.

We look forward to seeing you all at every Local Food Festival this year with our Dicko's diner food truck

During the week you can find us at, Glenville farm, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, TW20 8EZ rear of Baker tyres..

Dicko's Diner