I use the best quality products, for example, gluten-free, anti-allergic sausages containing about 90% of meat, which I import from Germany.
These are:
• Bratwurst (traditional German, pork sausage with herbs)
• Frankfurter (smoked, pork sausage with herbs)
• Cheesy Dog (Frankfurter sausage with 40% of Emmental cheese inside)
• Chilli beef (spicy beef sausage with chilli flakes)
• Foot-long (foot-long frankfurter sausage)
• Curry-wurst (traditional German sausage with curry sauce, curry powder and onions)

Hot dogs can be served with extra charged bacon or cheese. I always use fresh bread (white buns, French baguettes etc.) from a bakery. Every sausage is served in a bun, with freshly fried onions and original, German, high-quality sauces, like ketchup, curry ketchup, mustard (hot or mild), Sriracha sauce, sweet chilli sauce, brown sauce, barbeque sauce, mayonnaise and Remoulade Tartar Sauce or home-made garlic sauce. Additionally, to every order, there is an availability of various free toppings. These are sliced Jalapeños or red chillies, German Gherkins, Sauerkraut, Crispy Fried Onions and Red Cabbage.

I also prepare original, high-quality German pork stakes covered in home-made marinate, Kartoffelsalat (sliced potato salad with bacon and seasoning), and in wintertime I serve homemade hot soups. During breakfast time, I serve bacon rolls. I get my bacon from reliable, local butchers, never from cheap supermarkets or wholesalers. I also sell high quality, home-made beef or pork chorizo burgers, served in a burger bun with onions and cheese or extra charged bacon.
My vegetarian options include mushroom toasts with a huge variety of free toppings and sauces. These are original, fresh, big, French baguettes with homemade filling containing mushrooms and cheese.

Depending on the event, I also prepare World Hot-dogs. These are hot-dogs with German sausages and home-made toppings and sauces. For example, Spanish hot-dog (with chorizo and Salsa sauce), Mexican hot dog (with chilli con Carne and guacamole), Hawaiian Chicken burger (chicken breast, a slice of pineapple and cheese) and others.

Delicious German Sausages