Dee Chanelle created "The in-Laws" - a band born out of diversity and individuality free from the stereotype of race, gender, orientation, aesthetics and age because at the end of the day what matters the most is one thing- MUSIC.
Dee Chanelle met bassist/guitarist Clare Moynihan aka "Mama Clare" back in 2014 when the acoustic duo performed at community charity gigs and festivals. Needless to say the duo's musical bonding flourished and the versatile genres of music took them to casinos and restaurants, a residency at the institutional Molly Moggs Theatre Bar in Soho and The Diamond Masquerade Ball at the Clapham Grand to name a few. The two have pretty much been inseparable ever since!
With a quest to grow and expand the sound, they later discovered keyboardist/ DJ and songwriter James Murray aka "Baby J", Bill "Billy the Kid" Duffy on guitar and multi instrumentalist David "Millennial" Bubb on drums. Extended members also make special appearances every so often.
The band now performs an eclectic acoustic/live set of both covers and original material playing at Bar FM London and residency at The Luna Live Lounge with previous gigs headlining the SPARKLE main stage in Manchester and more notably the DIVA main stage at London Pride in the middle of Leicester Square. In addition, the band supports charitable gigs and headlined for the World's Big Sleep Out at the Hove Lagoon in Brighton and Winter Pride in Surrey at The Electric Theatre, Surrey.
Following last year's performance at The Middlesex Food Festival, Dee Chanelle & The in-Laws are excited to return and perform a string of dates at the 2020 Local Food Festivals.
Dee Chanelle and the In-Laws