I started singing and playing guitar at about 16, and started out playing in a couple of punk bands. I eventually found my way onto the pub circuit playing open mics where I realised I had a lot to learn.

Over the next couple of years I played out as much as I could and learned as many songs as I could remember, trying to work through mistakes and build my vocal and guitar ability. Fortunately I met several people along the way who taught me shortcuts and imparted wisdom from their experiences, making the whole journey much easier on me! 

In the past few years, pre and post lockdown Ive managed to get my own gigs and am very happy to say that it’s getting very busy.

I’ve played several local festivals and am now branching out to less local ones and it’s always a real pleasure to be approached and asked, as these are always a great chance to mix in my own songs instead of just playing covers.

While Im still learning, and always will be, I’m very happy to have even gotten this far, and I’m constantly looking forward to the road ahead.

Dan Pryde