We hope to wow you with our incredible set up and mouth-watering dishes! We provide all the finest cuts of meats in a simple succulent fashion by slow roasting meat over open flames all right in front of you! Our menu is made up of an array of selections to suit every customer. All of our meals are accompanied by vegetable golden rice as well as traditional Brazilian salads such as crunchy spring green which is sprinkled with pork crackling, perfectly seasoned vinaigrette and homemade farofa with cassava flour, dried meats, olives and onions. The mix-meat meal is the best one if your want to try a little bit of all our delicious meat: chicken, beef and toscana sausage alongside the salads and rice. We also have great options for those sandwich lovers! Crunchy freshly cooked bread on the BBQ with cassava puree spread on the base and topped off with the meat of your choice! And all of these options are also available in kid size portions too! ALL of our food is GLUTEN FREE and we also have a great veggie option! Make sure to pop on over to us!

Carne No Carvao