They also venture overseas and have played a folk festival in Italy for the last five years.
Cajun Boogaloo released its first CD “Pure Delight” in October 2018, recorded and engineered by Alistair Russell.
Meet the band:
Bob started playing fiddle with the Irish when at university. He became interested in old-time fiddle when living in New Jersey for a couple of years. He now plays anything from 17th century English hornpipes to modern Bluegrass.

Lesley’s earliest memories are of her Dad playing piano when he came in from work. Music has always been her life. She studied singing, took a music degree, and lives for exciting harmony.

Geoff has been playing guitar a long time and plays many styles in various bands as well as working as a solo guitarist singer. Bands include Noddy’s Lot, Lyne Sessions Band & TOGOG (two old guys on guitar).

Cajun Boogaloo