BBQ BiL is a family run, veteran owned business with a passion for good quality barbecue food - no more burnt sausages and dry burgers! 

Having left the Army in 2014, our Pitmaster, Karl Lambert, found a love for barbecuing. He spent the various lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 finessing his skills and now produces delicious and succulent barbecue food. His wife, Emily, a military nurse, contributes with the production of the delicious sides offered at our events. She puts a barbecue twist on some classic dishes. At the end of 2021 Olivia (Emily's sister) and her husband, Tom, convinced Karl to go into business with them and start selling his barbecue food. And so, since 2022, BBQ BiL has been operating Kerbside collection and delivery through Ubereats through Kingston Upon Thames.

Karl's specialist dishes are;

  • 12 hour smoked UDSA brisket
  • 16 hour slow cooked Boston butt (pulled pork)
  • Butter glazed hickory smoked turkey
  • Blackened saskatchewan dry rubbed dino ribs
  • Homemade cheesy beef cold-smoked sausage