The Windsor Food & Chilli Festival 29th - 30th June 2024 Windsor View Lakes, Datchet

Shahina became famous for her incredible run of 97 officiated, regulated chilli-eating contest wins in a row! Yes, you read that correctly, Shahina has never been defeated in a chilli eating contest!

What people may not know is that ever since Shahina was a child she has been an enthusiastic culinarian and shares her recipes with 40,000 plus social media followers regularly. Her
‘Recipes From My Kitchen’ segment has become extremely popular with many of her supporters recreating her recipes and sharing their versions online.

The one thing that Shahina’s cooking always has is HEAT! But not so much to blow your mind but rather a piquancy that piques the taste buds and promotes the flavours!

Now, for the first time ever, The UK Chilli Queen invites YOU to come and taste her culinary creations at the cooking demo stage at the WINDSOR FOOD AND CHILLI FESTIVAL!

UK Chilli Queen