The Windsor Food & Chilli Festival 29th - 30th June 2024 Windsor View Lakes, Datchet

Karl here from Bournemouth Chilli Bitz.

I hand make all my products from home in the evenings after a full time day job.

From creating a recipe, designing the labels, food prep, cooking, labelling, ordering, delivering, you name it I do it all in my own time. I've been doing this for just over 2 years and absolutely love it.

I'm very particular on what I release as I want everything to be exact & true flavour with the perfect pairing of heat.

Alot of my products are not extremely hot, this is because I'm trying to aim for the large general public customers, Inc everyone in the families, whether it be adding mild heat and good flavours to kids sandwiches& dips or spicing up the dads chicken with a good kick.

I'm aiming to bring Chilli back into people's life who say "oh I can barely handle a korma" I want to show these people that chilli doesn't have to be scary, if used in a certain way it can be enjoyed by everyone. 

MISSION.... to convert the "I don't eat Chilli" people to actually realise they can and this in return will create a bigger Chilli community, customers for everyone.

Bournemouth Chilli Bitz ltd