The Windsor Food & Chilli Festival 29th - 30th June 2024 Windsor View Lakes, Datchet

Born in the heart of Surrey in June 2023, the Big Ginger Sauce Co is a passionate creator of flavour-packed, handmade, artisan chilli sauces.  Already the winner of several prestigious accolades, this up-and-coming producer expertly combines the finest ingredients, complex spice blends and fresh chillies to create deep, layered flavours that explode on your palate.

His company philosophy is that flavour comes first and each of his four sauces take you on a wonderfully complex flavour journey with perfectly balanced chilli heat to add an addictive extra dimension to your mealtimes!  That’s not to say that his sauces aren’t hot, some of them pack a good fiery punch, but even with the hottest, the heat never overtakes the flavour!

There are four sauces currently available, each with a unique flavour profile and heat level so there’s something for all palates!

Big Ginger Sauce Co