The Windsor Food & Chilli Festival 29th - 30th June 2024 Windsor View Lakes, Datchet

I have been a professional chef for over 15 years, during covid and not being able to work I needed a way to release my cooking flare and that's where I got the idea of making Angry Sauces, after giving bottles to friends and them all coming back wanting to buy them from me I knew I had something great!
Even though the business was put on hold for over a year due to me becoming a Dad and moving into a new house with my girlfriend I still had people asking me when I would be making them again! That's when with the added help of my girlfriend we decided to just go for it. Since then we have sold over 2000 bottles and we have a lot of loyal customers.
I have always been good with flavours and after years of tweaking the recipes they all have the perfect balance of flavour and heat! The heat goes from a very mild Smokey tomato sauce to the extra hot Carolina reaper sauce!

We love being a part of this incredible chilli community!

Angry Sauces