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Con Salsita it’s a team of Mexicans food lovers enthusiast of the real Mexican street
food, our aim is to bring the experience of flavours and service what you can find in
our country, offer proper tacos is one of our mantras and we apply it from the
preparation of the dishes, the taste and quality of the tortillas until the flavours of
our signature collection of sauces, you will always find a smile on our face and a
joy of serving you.
Our menu consists of a great range of Tacos prepared in the traditional way, our
tortilla is 100% corn what means all our tacos are gluten free!
• Pastor (The most popular taco in Mexico)
• Birria (With a delicious soup to dip in)
• Asada (Prepared in the moment on the griddle)
• Cochinita (Traditional dish from the south of Mexico)
• Carnitas (Tasty, tasty, tasty!)
• Pollo adobado (Chicken marinated with special chipotle mix)
• Halloumi (Vegetarian options with gret flavour)
• Vegan Tacos (Plant-based meat with great flavour)
• Dorados (Deep fried tacos with a delicious green sauce, cheese and cream!)
• Baja Tacos (Deep fried fish & prawn tacos with chipotle-mayo sauce)
Also we have a signature collection of fresh sauces with different characteristics
and designed for our tacos, with a range of heat levels for any palate.

Con Salsita