The Surrey Chilli Festival 21st - 22nd September 2024 Walton on Thames Cricket Club

The League of Fire is the FIRST EVER league table-based website dedicated to Chilli-Eating Enthusiasts! Chilli Eating Contests and Chilli Challenges have exploded around the world and have captured the interests of chilli communities globally. You can see multiple videos uploaded to social media at the click of a button. League Of Fire wants these brave chilli-eaters to be immortalised in the history of hot-headed craziness and those who suffer for our pleasure to be recognised. We also see this as a way of acknowledging chilli-eating contestants who treat chilli-eating comps as a sport and dedicate considerable time and effort into achieving their record. Our aim is to put a spotlight on all chilli-heads and provide a platform to showcase their achievements. The League Of Fire team now hosts Chilli Eating Contests – have you got what it takes to win and earn a place in the League Of Fire?

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