The Surrey Beer Festival 15th - 16th June 2024 Esher Rugby Club, 369 Molesey Road

The Beers & Ciders



Craft Lager 4.6%

A classic Pilsner brewed in the German style with at least six weeks of cold fermentation in tank before shipping from our brewery in W10. Crisp and refreshing with a delicious herbal complexity, London Pilsner is a thoroughly modern lager.


Hops:Saaz, Brewers Gold

Malts:Lager, Pilsner, Extra Pale


Session Lager 4%

A crisp, clean and sessionable lager designed with everyday drinking in mind. Brewed to German purity laws with premium noble hop varieties. Forget the flavourless, commercial lagers you’ve tried before – it’s time to move to Notting Helles!

Colour:Pale Gold

Hops:Sybilla, Lubleski

Malts:Super Pale, Lager

Portobello Bitter 

Smooth, Fruit, Coffee, Hazelnut 4.3%

Maris Otter Pale Ale, Caramalt and Crystal Malt gives a beer with a smooth mouthfeel and hints of roasted malt and coffee. Good fullness and floral berry/fruity late hop gives a beautifully balanced bitter.

Colour: Hazel 


Traditional Golden Ale 3.8%

A traditional golden pale brewed with a combination of classic British hops for bitterness & spice and US Cascade for fruity, citrus notes. We carefully blend three different malt varieties for body and the rich biscuit quality which defines the style. Brewed at a sessionalable 3.8% Westway Pale Ale is a classic cask ale brewed the West (London) way.

Colour:Golden / Amber

Hops:Golding, Cascade, Challenger

Malts:Planet Pale, Cara, Wheat


India Pale Ale 5%

A West Coast style IPA brewed with five different American and new-world hop varieties for a multisensory hop experience. Late dry hopping with Simcoe & US Cascade brings a wave of delicious tropical fruit flavours which crash onto the palette with a pleasingly bitter finish that has been known to stiffen the lip – pucker up!

Colour:Pale Gold

Hops:Cascade, Chinook, Summit, Eldorado, Simcoe

Malts:Pale, Wheat Caramel

Market Porter


Market Porter’s exciting use of Malts (Maris Otter Pale Ale, Amber, Munich, Dark Crystal, Black, and Chocolate), Roasted Barley and Hops (Challenger, Goldings, Bramling Cross, First Gold, Cascade) added at four stages in the brewing process, produce a truly unique beer with malt and hop characters but not excessively bitter.Its aromas are cappuccino, chocolate, dark fruits and vibrant fresh peel. The mouthfeel is velvety and rich, with notes of coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts with warming alcohol and cocoa in the finish.

Buckingham Best 


With the very best Maris Otter Pale malt combined with Chinook, Bramling Cross and UK Cascade hops, our Master Brewer has created this exceptional seasonal beer. The amber colour and the smooth, berry, hazlenut aftertaste make this a perfect beer to be sipped and enjoyed during this special occasion


Hedgerow Pale Ale 4.5%

Light and refreshing pale ale brewed with foraged hedgerow fruits from the land surrounding our brewery.


Cider 5.2%

A gently fizzing medium cider with a deliciously ripe apple aroma. Five apple varieties bring the full spectrum of apple flavours, from the peel to the core.

Made with: Dabinett, Harry Masters, Three Countries, Yarlington Mill & Ashton Bitter


Cider 4%

Berry Cider is a classic British summer cider that’s been dragged through a hedgerow. Expect massive strawberry aromas on the nose with a whack of summer fruit acidity keeping everything in check.

Made with: Yarlington, Three Counties, Harry Masters, Strawberries, Blackberries, Blackcurrants & Redcurrants