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Offering scented candles with a story and purpose, Alma Davina was born from our desire to create products which are good for you and to the environment – and have true purpose behind them.

We started off with container candles (the founder creates essential oil blends and then blends them into soy wax). From there, we evolved to decorative candles with a meaning (owls, associated with wisdom and intuition; roses for self-care and heart chakra, spiral candle for our non-linear experiences…). Then, our gorgeous home decorations were born, made from a super eco-friendly material called jesmonite (a natural mineral created from sedimentary rock and a water-based acrylic resin). All done in-house, in small batches, and no two items are the same.

All candles are made by hand. The essential oil blends are created by Susan. The labels on the candles too. Any cards or artsy labels you come across are also created by her. All packaging is sourced in the UK, and they are reusable and recyclable.

All jesmonite items are made by co-founder James. The colours are picked by him. The marble effects, gold foils and stones are all added in by him.

We are a tiny business doing everything very manually with lots of love and care, and we find joy in sharing with you are creations, good vibrations and lessons we learn on how scents affect your mood, how to meditate with candle light, and how your choice of colours can help set a mood!

Alma Davina